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Why choose LED light source for solar street light?

Why choose LED light source for solar street light?

Solar street lights are composed of lithium batteries, kits, solar panels, controllers, sensors, and LED light sources etc. Why do solar street lights use LED light sources?

1. First of all, because the LED light source is easy to install, just install it directly;

2. Because the LED light source is unidirectional, the lighting effect is better than that of the ordinary lamp head, and there will be no diffusion phenomenon;

3. Because the light decay of the previous high-pressure sodium lamp is more serious and the service life is shorter, and the light decay of LED lamps is only 3% in one year, the service life is also longer;

4. Because the light color of the LED light source combination changes a lot, it can realize a colorful dynamic change effect and various images;

5. Because the LED light source is a low energy consumption product, its power consumption is one-ninth of the incandescent lamp and one-third of other light sources. It can be seen that it requires very little energy, but it has a long life.

In addition, LED light sources also have features such as green environmental protection, low glare, and no radiation. Because of this, LED light sources have become the preferred light source for solar street lights.


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