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LED Floodlight
LED Floodlight LED Floodlight LED Floodlight LED Floodlight LED Floodlight

LED Floodlight

Product Attributes :

180˚ Rotatable, Easy & Safe installation. LED Outdoor Flood Light provides 140lm/w, super bright with world class LED & power supply. 5 years warranty. Outdoor floodlights energy savings of up to 85%, easy and wide application.


Product Description
Technical Characteristic
Item Watts Initial Luminous Luminous Efficiency Input Voltage CCT CRI PF
XY-FL-0050W 50W 7,000lm 140lm/w 90-305Vac 3000K-6500K >70 >0.95
XY-FL-0100W 100W 14,000lm 140lm/w 90-305Vac 3000K-6500K >70 >0.95
XY-FL-0150W 150W 21,000lm 140lm/w 90-305Vac 3000K-6500K >70 >0.95
XY-FL-0200W 200W 28,000lm 140lm/w 90-305Vac 3000K-6500K >70 >0.95
XY-FL-0240W 240W 31,200lm 130lm/w 90-305Vac 3000K-6500K >70 >0.95
XY-FL-0300W 300W 42,000lm 140lm/w 90-305Vac 3000K-6500K >70 >0.95
XY-FL-0400W 400W 52,000lm 130lm/w 90-305Vac 3000K-6500K >70 >0.95






● PHILIPS LED & MEANWELL DRIVER outdoor flood light bulbs.

● Outdoor LED Floodlights ultra bright & energy saving with 140lm/w.

● Outdoor wall lights beam angle: 30˚/60˚/90˚/80˚*150˚/TypeIII optional.

● Durable material, superior heat sink, long lifespan, 5 years warranty Floodlight.

● IP66 dimmable floodlights replacement for up to 3000W HID/HPS.






Dimension (LWH):

50W: 346x65x200mm   100W: 365x60x310mm   150W: 365x60x365mm

200W & 240W: 365x60x420mm   300W & 400W: 387x63x590mm



50W-400W best outdoor floodlights is ideal to use in damp and wet location. Outdoor LED flood light bulb is suitable for general site lighting, alleys, loading docks, doorway, pathway and parking areas. IP66 outside floodlights replace existing HID/HPS flood light/wallpacks.


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